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How do I Add an Attraction?


Give your attraction a name

Eg. "Table Mountain" or, "Brighton Beach Tidal Pool"


Select an image to upload

This image will become the attraction profile image and will display in search results and location profiles


Position the attraction on the map

There are 2 ways in which you can do this: 

1. Enter the street address 
2. Drag and drop the orange map marker over the the exact position of your attraction


Add your comments and Contact Info

If you are logged in, you will be asked to submit your comments. This is where you tell us all about your attraction and why it's worth visiting. If you are not logged in, this option will be unavailable. 

We want to know who to credit with such a great find so be sure to leave your contact details before you click "Submit Attraction". If you are not already a Kwenda Travel member then enter in your email address, if you are a member, then just leave your name in the text field and we'll match it up later.

I have Submitted My Attraction, Now what?

Once you've submitted your attraction, an alert will be sent to us at Kwenda Travel to go and check it out. If we like what we see then we'll approve your attraction and add it to the site. Your name will appear as the curator we'll spread the word that you've just added an attraction that's worth visiting.

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