Raffia Palm Monument

GPS Co-ords: -28.9569, 31.7614

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About Raffia Palm Monument


The Raphia Palm Monument, about 1 km outside of the town of Mtunzini, is one of South Africa’s few natural monuments. It is close to the border of the Umlalazi Nature Reserve, home to many other natural attractions.

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The southern distribution of Raphia palms extends to Kosi Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Seeds from these trees were planted at Mtunzini by then-magistrate C.C. Foxon in 1915 and flourished, forming a cathedral-like grove just outside of town.  This area was proclaimed as a heritage site in 1943. Today, a wheelchair friendly boardwalk meanders its way beneath these trees. Visitors can marvel at the scale and serenity of the palm grove. The rare Palm-nut vulture, which feeds exclusively on the fruit of this tree can also be spotted in this area.

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GPS Coordinates
Latitude: -28.9569
Longitude: 31.7614



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